Part two of my prfmchallenge thing but I’m pretty sure no one cares but w/e

Day 11: Favorite Perfume live concert moment

Probably one of the interludes during a concert, like Perfume no Okite or JPN Special

Day 12: Favorite Nocchi moment

While not one moment, I love all the various faces Nocchi makes on the TV show appearances

Day 13: Favorite A~Chan moment

The thing with Nakata and the bed

Day 14: Favorite Kashiyuka moment

For some reason that one performance of Polyrhythm where the balloon popped and 

Day 15: Favorite Perfume member


Day 16: When you officially became a Perfume fan

It was post-JPN and before the tour, and I forget the exact date ;;

Yes I am a newbie u__u

Day 17: Favorite Perfume lyric


But really, I think my favorite lyrics would probably have to be from Negai or Macaroni

Day 18: One Perfume song that you could put on repeat forever

Secret Secret

Day 19: Perfume merch you own

I have Linear Motor Girl, Computer City, Electro World, Spending all my time LE w/ poster, Mirai no Museum LE w/ stickers, and I will be getting Magic of Love LE w/ poster!

I also bought a copy of Mirai no Museum LE w/ stickers for Andrew as a gift, but since that isn’t technically ~mine~ anymore, I don’t know whether to count it or not.

Day 20: Least favorite Perfume song

I’m not too sure tbh. I’ll just say an instrumental track since usually I skip those when they come on

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